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how long have you been modeling?

Technically, I’ve been modeling for a little over 2 years. But I’ve only been serious about it since early 2012.

is it a full time job?

Yes! I have been full time since April 2012 :)

are you represented by an agency?

Currently I am not represented. Agencies are tricky. US agencies tend to look for taller girls. I’m 5’3 so no luck for me with that. I think I’m done growing ha. The best glamour agencies are in the UK, and for obvious reasons, are not interested in a model way over here in Florida. Which means I am a freelance model. I am my own boss, secretary, lawyer, accountant, store, and hype girl. It’s a lot of work, but I do enjoy the control. To be honest though, I would like a team to help with the less creatives tasks, but have yet to find that right fit.

an argument made by feminists often suggests women are being exploited if they are seen to be taking off their clothes or posing provocatively. what’s your opinion on that point of view ?

I do not believe women or even men are being “exploited”. The human body is worth admiring. It is a complex art form that can be molded into any vision your heart desires. This argument will go on forever. I was at a beach shoot, and a woman came into the water to tell me how I should be ashamed of myself. I was so mad, I think the water literally started boiling. That says more about her, than about me. I actually have a number of feminist friends that are the opposite. They see nude modeling as a form of empowerment. In the end, do what you enjoy as long as it does not hurt anyone. I don’t think my nude body has hurt anyone.

a similar school of thought is girls only do this cause they feel it is expected of them by society. what do you say to that?

A person owns their own right to express themselves. No one should feel the need to do something just so they can fit in today’s society. I actually have never heard that argument you mention. I grew up in the state of Texas USA. That is a very conservative state. I would rather say that society expects girls to stay covered up.

modeling seems very glamorous and a lot of girls want to have a go. what would you say to them about the reality of modelling as a profession?

Modeling isn’t as “glamorous” as one would think. It takes a lot of will power and dedication. A model has to build tough skin. Modeling isn’t just about having a pretty face and a nice body. You have to know how to network, create your own business, put yourself out there, and most importantly, you need to be able to enjoy it and be creative. I actually wear less makeup and get fancy less than the average girl. I am on the computer working so much I usually wear a t-shirt and shorts most of the time. Only a for a few hours a week do I really get fancy when I shoot. Now I will admit, I have shot at some exotic locations, and met people I may not have met in another profession and that is fun. But that’s a small percentage of the actual hours I work.

why do you model?

I love it ,honestly. The art of it is incredible. Modeling is a great form of exercise, travel, and networking. On top of that I feel privileged to show people that just because you aren’t a certain weight or height you can still become a great model. I have weird shots dimensions, and every time I have a success I feel a bit of pride for bucking the system a bit. You don’t have to label yourself into a certain category. You can be whoever you want, and that is what I enjoy best!

what makes a good model?

An attractive look (but one that can take many forms), a nice figure, and the ability to email.

what makes a great model?

Professionalism, personality, rhythm, and a sophisticated understanding of the arts.

finally, if you could work with one photographer who would that be and why?

I would have to pick Billy Kidd. I love his simplicity and design. He allows the model or subject to speak for itself. On top of that, his editing skills are phenomenal!

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